This is a step by step guide to the club's new match report system to assist managers in completing all details correctly. Even if you have already submitted reports on this system, please read through to ensure that you have done so correctly.

Step 1.

The login page. Enter the username and password you have been given, and click the submit button.

Step 2.

The main page. From here, you can perform actions on a team, log out, or perform site administration tasks. For now, click on the name of the team you wish to manage.

Step 3.

The team management page. This provides links to all of the previously submitted match reports, as well as options to add players to the team or submit a new match report. Players must be added to the team first, so that you don't have to select from the club's entire player list for each person who played in a match. Click on the 'Add a player to the team' link.

Step 4.

The team listing page. This page is split in two sections. The top half lists all of the players who have already been added to the team's list. On the bottom half is a box which allows the addition of any player in the entire club list on to the team. As mentioned on the page, multiple players may be selected at the same time. Select all of the players from your team that you can find in the list, and click the submit button. If all of your players are listed, proceed to Step 8, otherwise continue on.

Setp 5.

The main page again. Click the link at the bottom of any page to return here, then click on the 'Site administration' link.

Step 6.

The administration page. Click the top link to create a new plyer in the database.

Step 7.

The new player page. Fill in the first and surname fields, and submit. Repeat for each player you need to add, then return to the team management page.

Step 8.

The match report page (part 1). From the team management page, click the 'Submit match report' link. The first details you need to provide are the date the game was played, the opposition, and the result. After this, there is a series of rows (marked in red) which allow you to select every player in the match, the number of goals they scored, and their position in the best players (first, second, third, or not in best). You must select every player in this section, as it is also used by the club for statistics (including the awards for number of games played).

Below the player listing is a section which allows you to list an alternative set of best players for printing in the club newsletter. This is mainly intended for encouragement listings such as 'Team Effort', and not simply to restate the players already listed above. Finally, the large text box is for your match write-up. When finished, click the submit button, and your report is finished.

Obviously, you won't need to go through this whole process every week - unless you have new players on the team you can skip right through to step 8 once the preparation has been done. However, even if you have already filled in match reports on this system, please check that everything is completed as it should have been. If you have any queries, or think you may have incorrectly submitted previously, please don't hesitate to send me an email.

Brad Wake
Maroon Zone editor and reporting system administrator