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Registrations for 2017 are coming to a close and there are only positions in some age groups available. If you have already been to training and / or grading day and have been allocated to a team but not registered please do so ASAP via this page. Any other registrations received from now on will need to be confirmed by the Junior, Senior Men or Senior Women VPs before a place can be offered.

All teams are now full in Minkey 1 and Minkey 2, and no further registrations will be accepted in these grades. Registrations may still be accepted in Grads and Minkey 3, but are not guaranteed.

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Your Family Code has been sent to you in your Registration reminder email, and is the same every year.

If you do not know your family code please click here and we will find your family code for you. Please do not enter as a new Family if you have been a member at any time before, even if you were not a member last year. It is important to register under your existing family code.

If your postcode has changed since the last time you registered, use your old postcode here to begin registration. When you are prompted for your address in Step 2, enter your current address, including your current postcode.


If you wish to register for Melville in 2017, but played for a different club in your last season, you can still continue with this online registration with Melville. Please fill in the information when asked about your previous Club, so that we can check if a Player Clearance form is required. Most players will not need this, however, if we find in your case you do need one, we will contact you.