Melville City Hockey Club

2017 Fee Structure

All fees are GST inclusive.

Junior Fees

Level Grass Turf
Melville Minkey/Grads $85
Year 5/6 $185
Year 7/8 $205 $285
Year 9/10 $220 $300
Year 11/12 $230 $310
Juniors also playing Seniors $370 $445

All Juniors pay the Grass Fee at time of registration. If they are subsequently graded into a team that plays and trains on turf, you will be invoiced the difference between the Grass Fee and the Turf Fee ($80).

Senior Fees

Level Grass Turf
Masters and Seniors $460 $535
Seniors Playing Two Grades (e.g. Weekend & Midweek) $840
Students - Full Time Study $370 $445


Level Grass Turf
Senior with 100% gear $170 $250
Junior - All Equipment supplied by Club Full fees
Junior - 50% equipment supplied by Club 75% of fees
Junior - Goalkeeper supplies own equipment 50% of fees

Social members


Cancellation Fee

$30 applicable to all registrations which are cancelled AFTER grading day for Juniors or after 1 April 2017 for Seniors BUT before games have been played. Once games have been played the full fee is due (unless you discuss any extenuating circumstances with the Club Treasurer, whereby a pro-rata fee may be applied).

Late Payment

10% surcharge

This fee applies to payments received after 1/5/2017 however later registrations have 30 days from registration before fee is applicable.

Family discount

Family discount applies to 'dependent' children only.

Melville Minkey/Grads players are not included in the family concession.

'Family' refers to the number of players (excluding Melville Minkey/Grads players) from an immediate family only. Fees paid in full by commencement of the season will be eligible for the following discounts:

If a family contains no child or student players (excluding Melville Minkey/Grads), no family discount is applied.