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April 2020

COVID-19 Newsletter #2

Dear MCHC Members

Firstly I hope you and yours are all well and safe.

This message today will cover several areas:

COVID-19 Response Plan from HWA

MCHC News and Information

The season reset time has been delayed until 25 May, 2020. That is the notification if and how there will be a season. Please click on this link for more information.

HWA are clearly trying to fit in with the law of the land, work in conjunction with other sporting codes and looking after the best interests of our members, families and fans.

The MCHC Committee are also trying to achieve the above but we do have a bit more latitude than HWA as we can encourage participation events now and on an on line basis and we can fill in any time gap between approval by the government to no longer self-isolate and when a season may start or augment the use of our facilities while we have total control of the agenda.

To this end your committee members who are in charge of all of our various groups Seniors Men and Women, Juniors, Masters and Operational areas of the club and Turf Committee and Operation, for example, will coordinate with help on these activities.

Some of the ideas they are chasing will need help and assistance to put into an approved practise and operation. If you can help please contact your group leader. You do not have to be a playing member and we look forward to seeing family and friends get involved as helpers and participants. The more the merrier. We are looking for:

  1. Sharing of ideas for activities while in isolation
  2. Sharing of ideas for activities when we come out of isolation.
  3. Circulate these ideas and activities for participation by members, families and friends.

This will be fun in the usual MCHC way for young and old.

Fees and Refunds Policy situation is that HWA have not categorically cancelled the season yet or confirmed in what shape or form a season will be when it is reconvened. This leaves us in limbo as a club for fees already collected and unable to collect further fees as we do not know how the season will be resumed and in what form. To this end the fees that have been collected have been put into a quarantined account to not be touched for club expenses at present. The club is operating on reserves and as always (whether we have a season or not) the club has commitments to honour pre-registration, preseason and playing season with normal operational expenses. All preseason debts have been honoured using club reserves specifically put aside and saved for these events. The COVID-19 situation however has put all of us members under some form of duress which is to be expected. The Executive Committee has decided that if a member is under financial duress due to COVID-19, MCHC will refund the fees based on the HWA fee procedure and amount paid to date. To obtain a refund, a member must contact the MCHC registrar, note their situation is due to the COVID-19 situation, answer some questions and request a fee reimbursement. The registrar will then forward to MCHC accounts for approval by the President to sign off for reimbursement to the member. With regards to Hockey Australia fees, the registration fee application is between the member and HA. MCHC does not have access to these fees, nor the ability to intervene in refund of said HA fees. Reimbursement in this instance would have to be applied for directly by the member to HA. At this time, we are unsure of HA’s position in this situation. Fees are the life blood of the club and if at all possible it would be appreciated to leave members fees in quarantine unless there is a real need for the reimbursement and until such time we are advised by HWA of how the season will reconvene. There is strong evidence that it will indeed reconvene as WA is making fantastic progress in no or low cases of COVID-19 cases being recorded at present.

Sponsors are an integral part of the club make up. These generous people and their companies assist our club in many ways. Some methods are financial support or using their company with an in kind donation via supply of equipment or professional services. We ask that all members use our sponsors if they require product or services and please mention MCHC if you do go down this route. It is proposed that each member will get a member card which they can show to sponsors when in need of their services to highlight our loyalty to our sponsors.

Club Room Build Progress is still moving along at a steady pace. The old clubroom renovations to upgrade to changerooms, storerooms and meeting room are well under way and we expect this part of the project to be completed by the end of May. The new clubrooms are also moving along with the in ground work complete and structural columns starting to rise out of the cement base and major supports now being made ready to be put in place. This part of the project is not expected to be complete until July. A person with a keen eye will notice that the dug outs and including tech room have been moved and also taking shape. This will make good for excellent viewing of games for members, family and friends in the future. Soon there will be clear instructions on how we can donate and be recognised as an individual and or family or group if a donation is given. Keep an eye on our website and notifications for further instructions.

From the President, MCHC Committee, MCHC Junior Committee, MCHC Turf Committee we wish you all a safe journey, stay with it and involved and look forward to seeing those great ideas coming in for involvement, social stimulation and having fun.

Kind regards
Gary Bowater
President Melville City Hockey Club (inc)

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