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Updated March 2021

2021 Season

Welcome back to Hockey with Melville City Hockey Club for 2021!


Registrations are now open and you should have received communication regarding this in the past few weeks. Please register ASAP so we can start planning for the season ahead.

Come Try Day - Saturday 27 March

The annual 'Come Try Day’ is on Saturday 27 March from 9.00am to 10.00am and is open to all current and potential Minkey and Grads players. There is a free sausage sizzle for all participants. We encourage everyone to bring a friend along. If you know of anyone interested in playing in 2021 please direct them to this website or me via email (

Season Dates

Saturday 27th March
‘Come Try Day’
Saturday 24th April
‘Meet Your Team’ Session
Saturday 1st May
Season Commences
Friday 4th June
Friday Night Fixtures
Friday 20th August
Friday Night Fixtures
Saturday 18th September
Season Concludes (includes Minkey/Grads wind-up)

Please note that there will be no rounds during the July School Holidays (10th July and 17th July) or on the Saturdays following the two Friday night games (5th June and 21st August).


Thank you to those who have volunteered to coach so far. We need a lot more parents to volunteer to coach. You will be placed as coach for your child’s team. You don’t need to have hockey experience, it is all about encouraging the kids to have fun and participate. We will provide resources to help you with basic skills and training drills. Please email me ASAP if you are willing to coach.

Team Placements and Requests

Where possible, teams will be similar to 2020 except where age groups have changed or different requests made. If you would like to request for your child to be in a particular team, please email me by 5th April.

Competition Structure

For the 2021 Season, Melville City Hockey Club will have the following Minkey/Grads grades. There is no grading and students are encouraged to join the grade based on his/her school year.

What is Minkey?

Minkey is a modified version of hockey designed for mixed teams of boys and girls from Pre Primary to Year 2. Rules are modified to encourage a safe and free flowing game. Players will be put into a team (generally 6 or 7) with a coach and team manager. Sessions go for 1 hour (30 minutes of training to teach basic skills followed by a game against another Melville Minkey team).

Junior 3/4 grade is a transitional grade as the players move from Minkey into the Junior competition. Junior 3/4s play on a full size ground and start to learn field positions and further develop their basic skills. More rules of hockey are introduced as the season progresses. The Junior 3/4 Grade is a change from prior years, as the club previously ran a separate Minkey 3 and Grads competition. Both year groups were combined from the 2019 season as a result of feedback that kids in Minkey 3 are often ready to move on to a larger field format.


Melville Minkey and Junior 3/4 play at the Club each week. It is located at Morris Buzacott Reserve, Kardinya.

Uniforms and equipment

All players are expected to wear the Melville Club uniform that is available at the Uniform Shop, along with sticks and other equipment.

A full list of available gear is available here:


Mouthguards are a compulsory piece of equipment and the Club policy is that all players should have a mouthguard prior to taking the field for practice or games. Mouthguards are available at your local chemist, or from a specialist dental technician.

Rebecca Weddikkara | Minkey & Grads Coordinator


Tel: 0417 777 121

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Melville City Hockey Club thanks Gary Bowater for his outstanding service as President 2013–2020.

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