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Updated March 2017

Vice-President Mens

The VP for the Men's side of the club is now Kyle McNess (email or phone 0430 547 141).


Online Registration Now Open

Welcome to season 2017 all. Hopefully this finds you all fit and healthy and raring to go for another year of hockey.

More likely it will be reminding you that it's probably time to go for a run so you don’t cook it completely when round 1 arrives.

Some important information, both for those new to the club and all of the old hands as well.

Frist off, the role of Vice-President for the mens side of the club is still vacant – we desperately need someone to fill it as I simply do not have time this year. It is vital that someone steps up soon or I am worried that things will start to slip – please get in touch if you can help.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or are new to the club and are wondering how everything works, please call me on 0404 833 342, and I will try and help you out or put you on to someone who can – but please be patient, and I will help you as quickly as I can.

The season proper starts with games for the top 2 sides on the weekend of 24 March. The rest of us – the other 7 teams – begin on 8 April (any juniors reading – you don’t start until 28 April). These dates are still draft but are unlikely to change.

I will let you know when training sessions start, but they aren’t far away. Keep an eye on the club website and facebook page.

We have nominated a team into a pre-season competition being run by HockeyWA this year. Games start in early March, and we are hoping to use these games to have a look at both new players and our juniors moving into seniors for the first time. Please keep an eye on the Senior Mens facebook page for details – if you are not a member of that page please contact me and I will add you to it.

Finally – and most importantly – REGISTRATION. Registration is now open and we need to get everyone to register early this year. There is a chance we may need to nominate an extra team, however we will not do this unless we have enough registrations – so please, when you get your email about registration don’t put it off, just click through and register on-line. It would be great if you could pay your fees at the same time but it is imperative that you register straight away so we can make an informed judgement about that extra team. If you are new to the club please contact me and I will make sure you are informed when registration opens.

That’s all – I hope to see you all at the club soon. Keep an eye on this page and the facebook page and get ready for another great season.

Gavin Scally
Not the Vice-President

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